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Client Testimonials 

Scott McCoy. Father of Haley. Blythewood, SC. (2016)

"My daughter Haley worked with Samie nearly a year. When I was told of Samie, I was just looking for a hitting instructor, but we got so much more. She became a mentor for my daughter not only in softball, but in sportsmanship and life.  She brought many new talents to the surface for my daughter, who was already a good hitter. Samie made her GREAT.  I recommend Samie to anyone who has a child, or even a college age student, that could use some instruction, or even a tune up.  Finally, as further testament to the impression she left on my child, not a week goes by that my daughter doesn't mention or ask about her. When she relocated, my girl lost a friend. :) I'll never forget the look on Haley's face when Samie took time out of her schedule to see her play on a Saturday, which Haley rewarded her with two shots up the middle!"

Stacie Kingsmore. Mother of Blakely. Columbia, SC (2016)

"Our daughter started hitting lessons with Samie about 1 1/2 years ago. Right away there was a great connection. She is an awesome individual, who has an outstanding knowledge of the game. Samie does a great job of relating to the kids and teaching them the fundamentals using language that they understand, and motivating them to perform and achieve a level of play they never thought possible. When we started with Samie our daughter was not a confident batter. In just a short time at age 11, she has become a confident batter that can drive it out of the infield, drag bunt, and also slaps. She went from the little girl that got up to the plate with no confidence to the leadoff batter for her team, something she never thought would happen. During this time with Samie, our daughter also changed from only having ever played first and second base to playing centerfield. Speed has not ever been an issue, but tracking the ball was a different story. She was very down on herself in the beginning as she struggled to learn a new position. Yet again Samie came to our rescue. Samie began working with her on tracking the ball and within in a short time she conquered the position. When Samie told us she would be leaving us, it was heart breaking. My daughter looked forward to lessons every week. Samie is sincerely interested and committed to seeing her students excel not only in fast pitch softball, but as well as life in general. She took time out of her own schedule to come watch our daughter during some of her travel ball tournaments. We would recommend Samie to anyone looking for an awesome coach. Our experience has been positive and we have seen our daughter's skills develop as a direct result of Samie. Definitely one of the best softball decisions we have made."

Kevin Hogan. Father of Jasmine. Blythewood, SC (2016)

"It is with great pleasure that I write a letter of recommendation for Ms. Samie Garcia. First of all, I would like to thank her for all she done for my daughter as her hitting coach. Samie exemplifies all the qualities and intangibles that any parent, team, or employer looks for in an individual. Not only was she a great hitting coach for my daughter, but her approach and ability to connect and build self-confidence and the drive to be the best, separate her from the norm. I have had the opportunity to work with our youth of today and tomorrow with the Boys & Girls Club of America. During this time, you could always tell the individual who displays the intangibles to be not only successful but to make others successful: the passion she displays for the game and the commitment to be the best and her the pursuit of excellence. These are the intangibles I see in Samie and as soon as you meet her you will know that she will make a tremendous asset to any player, team, or organization. It is without any hesitation to say thank you for all you done for not only my daughter but all the girls you touched during your time her in Columbia, South Carolina you will be missed, but not forgotten. Samie you set the bar high, but you pushed my daughter and showed her how to reach the bar. I would just like to say to anyone who hires you or get you to be part of their organization will have a jewel that would help them shine."

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